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A winning system, based on collaboration, the use of the most modern technologies and constant training.

Relying on a CollaboratorBULLthe customer has a single point of contact who coordinates and manages the primary services throughout the territory, also through agencies that are part of our network. Thanks to this system the CollaboratorBULLis able to exponentially increase the number of customers, reducing fatigue.

Each branchBULLis autonomous and independent and each Consultant works as a freelancer and without area constraints. The innovation introduced byBULLit is based on the formula of the associated studio and on the collaboration between professionals in the sector.

  • How does it work

Our Brokers/Stores are full-fledged entrepreneurs, they choose to open an agencyBULLin total autonomy, counting however on two important elements: one's own motivation and spirit of initiative, on the one hand, and the 360-degree support ofBULL CORPORATEon the other, each franchisee has a quantity of concrete services available which facilitate and enhance his work and promote the image of the individual alongside that of the brand.

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